Saturday, August 18, 2007

It's the End of an Era, Jethro.

(Start Banjo Hillbilly Music Now)

It's the end of an era here at the Academy. Here is a picture of the sturdiest, ugliest couch ever made. This is the couch that used to hide in the school room under a blue-checked, poorly fitted slipcover. This couch was given to my parents back in the early '90s (and why does back in the early '90s sound so long ago?!). When Cr and I bought our first home, my parents offered us this sofabed for our very empty basement. That was back in the day, before kids, and we still owned a pickup truck. We toted this well made piece of furniture 1100 miles back home. They also donated a lot of other furniture, so the bed of the S10 pickup truck was piled high and tied securely with rope. And we covered it all with a tarp. And we held the tarp in place with duct tape. The only state we didn't get odd looks in was Arkansas. If memory serves me right, we got a few admiring glances and smiles in that fine state. Oh, yeah, and when we got home, it wouldn't fit down the narrowish staircase to the basement, so Cr had to cut the legs off and reattach them. (And Andie, if you notice, this piece of finery is on the back patio)

This is why the era of the ugliest couch ever made is coming to an end. We purchased new living room furniture and it was delivered today. The sofas are microfiber, which we were told is the best choice with 5 boys. We'll see. The coffee table and end tables are new, too. And the paint is new, too (well, it's a few weeks old). I'm pleased with how it's all looking, but it sure smells like a furniture store.

For anyone interested, I posted updated pictures of the schoolroom with the old-upstairs-couch-but-new-to-the-schoolroom couch in the Our School Room post. The boys are excited to have a couch that they can sit on without me screeching "don't sit on that or you'll mess up the slipcover!".


my5wolfcubs said...

Beautiful! Just beautiful!
I don't have a picture to prove it but our first couch would have given yours a run for the money in the "ugly couch contest." It was a hand-me-down in burnt orange (which we never covered).

Now I'm off to look at your schedule!

Lee (from the WTM board)

Mom said...

Everything looks so fresh and've done a wonderful job. I just love to re-decorate and it is about time I did...

Want my old couch????


P.S. Don't mean to scare you..but I have the same planter in my back yard that you have on the patio...
turning into your mother???