Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Funny Boys

The boys and I started our day by running 7 errands. These included Target, Sears, Borders, and the eye doctor.

N made them interesting by proclaiming (loudly) "I am Gandolf!!!". I finally got him to quiet down when I told him the Orcs would hear him.

It was beautiful weather this afternoon, so I let them play outside. Nick came in and initiated the following conversation:

N: "(indecipherable) Legos (indecipherable) little guys (indecipherable). Is that ok?"
Mommy: "What?"
N: "I said (indecipherable) Legos (indecipherable) little guys (indecipherable). Is that ok?"
Mommy: "I don't understand."
N (getting frustrated): "Do you want me to say it louder?"
Mommy: "I hear you, but"
N (interrupting, yelling): "I said (indecipherable) Legos (indecipherable) little guys (indecipherable)!!!! Is that ok?!!!!"
Mommy (taking a guess): "No, no computer."
N walks off.

About an hour later, M comes down stairs and informs me he's marrying M (a little girl from church) if J is marrying A (another little girl from church).

And a few minutes ago, M came upstairs to refill J's water bottle. While filling it, he informed me that J said he could be a prince if M would fill his bottle for him. Someone's learned to work playtime to his advantage.