Saturday, December 22, 2007


The price of apple juice recently increased at Walmart (from $0.88 a can to $1.12 in a week). I've been aware for quite some time that J & M have been drinking too much juice but I haven't had the energy to switch them over to the same juice plan that L & Z are on. Instead of unlimited juice, this plan has them having a glass of milk with breakfast and a glass of juice with lunch and dinner. They are free to have as much water as they'd like in between. While I was sure that switching J & M over to this plan would involve much weeping and gnashing of teeth as they adjusted to drinking water, the increased cost was enough to spur me on. J has handled it pretty well. If he complains, I mention that if there is any more complaining he'll lose his cup of juice at the next meal. M has not been as easy.

He's told me that juice is good for his throat and water is bad for his throat.

He follows me around, and instead of asking for juice he informs me repeatedly how much he doesn't like water. And of how thirsty he is.

But the kicker was his prayer at lunchtime. In addition to thanking God for Mommy and Daddy and food and his brothers and a bunch of stuff that we couldn't decipher, he ended his prayer with this:

"And please help me to get more juice. Amen."

Sunday, December 16, 2007


We have 2 American Eskimo dogs named Maggie and Chewy. Maggie is almost 9 and Chewy is almost 8.

J got it in his head that he wanted a dog for Christmas. We reminded him that we already have 2 dogs. He said he wanted his own dog. Cr offered him Chewy. After a few days of deliberation (and the realization that his chances of getting a new dog were somewhere around 0%), J accepted this offer.

J is taking this very seriously. He's been thinking of all the things he's going to do when "Chewy is [his] on Christmas Day". This list includes feeding, brushing, giving him water, taking him for walks, buying him a squeaky toy and throwing it, petting him, brushing his teeth, and shaving him.

The funny thing is that he can do all of these things already (uh, except for the shaving thing). Cr has been taking some time everyday to groom Chewy to get him ready for J for Christmas. J will walk past Cr brushing Chewy and say "I can't wait until Chewy is mine on Christmas Day so I can brush him", or he'll look at Chewy and recount to us his entire list of plans "when Chewy is mine on Christmas Day and he'll be mine forever, right?". We plan on giving J a little grooming kit for Chewy and letting J pick out a toy for Chewy for Christmas Day.

Who knew that a kid could get so excited about getting a dog that has been around for his entire life?

Friday, December 14, 2007

Rules and Consequences

I have a rule. You aren't allowed to tip your chair back and balance on 2 legs until you have a job and can buy me a new one if you break it. For those wondering why this rule is so complicated (instead of a simple "keep all chair legs on the floor" rule), it's because Cr likes to tip his chair back sometimes.

The consequence for breaking this rule is that you lose your chair and have to stand until further notice.

Last night Z was the first to lose his chair at dinner. Then it was L.

Mommy: L, don't tip your chair back. You've lost it.
L (with a smile): Oh, I can't stand it.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Used To Play the Flute

Anyone who ever heard me play the flute (which, by the way, it turns out that those who play the flute can be either flutists or flautists) would have no doubt as to why I am a former one. My poor band teacher (from 6th-9th grades) had a reputation for trying to get his students to stay in band when they told him they were planning on quitting. Not only did he not question my decision to quit, I think he smiled. But none of that is really related to this video, other than he's a flutist, too. Really, you have to watch it. And, to tie this post into homeschooling, I need to point out that the boys recognized Peter & the Wolf (it was our first official Music Appreciation piece).

Merry Christmas!

I thought these guys were too great not to share.

Monday, December 10, 2007

N's Birthday

N turned 2 last month. He picked out firetruck plates for his big day. In his words, they were "very cool". That's what happens when you're the youngest of 5. You use phrases at 2 like "very cool". The best part about his birthday was that he's too young to request going to Chuck E. Cheese. Well, as least that was the best part for Cr and me.

He enjoyed ripping into his presents. He's the first boy who has had a passion for tearing paper (and books-ack!). He was shocked when we encouraged him to rip the paper. I am afraid to wrap the Christmas presents and put them under the tree now, though.

He received a Magna Doodle of his very own, a rolling backpack, a toy vacuum and broom. He's growing up, and he's such a delight. His brothers dote on him and in return he cracks them up (unless he perceives their "doting" as "annoying" and then he just screams).

My Birthday

It's been exactly a month since I had my birthday. I won't bore you with the details, but it was a wonderful day. I mostly wanted to share the cake the boys decorated. Have any of you every had a crunchy cake? This is a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. Then the boys were let loose with sprinkles. They like sprinkles. A lot. This cake was actually a bit iridescent when they finished. But I'm pretty sure that every single sprinkle was placed with love, so I was one happy Mommy. Even though the cake was really crunchy.

A Day Late

Jenn over at Classless and Lovin' It placed a call for Christmas Tree pictures in her 'Fess Up Friday post. I'm only a day late because while she asked for them on Friday, the contest didn't close until yesterday.

So here it is. Our tree. If you look closely, you'll notice that N has undecorated the bottom portion of the tree. And messed up the tree skirt. And the stuffed animals. I'm tired of straightening them out, so this is what it looks like most of the time. I did remove his cereal bowl from under the tree before I took the picture, though.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

What's That You Say?

Ugh. I've got so much to blog about (my birthday, N's birthday, Thanksgiving, etc) but by the time I have a moment to write I'm just too stinking tired.

The older boys have been playing with Super Spy Kits recently. These kits come with "Super Spy Ears", which are earbuds attached to some device that is supposed to amplify sound.

Cr was home for lunch today and we were in our bedroom talking. We kicked the boys out, but Z threatened to get on his Super Spy Ears. After we finished our conversation, Z pops his head around the corner and started laughing.

Z: I've got in my Super Spy Ears.
Mommy & Daddy: Z, leave the room.
Z (still has in his Super Spy Ears): What?
Mommy & Daddy: Z, leave the room. We're trying to talk.
Z (still wearing his Super Spy Ears): What?!?
Mommy & Daddy (laughing because he can't hear us with his Super Spy Ears in ): Z, leave!
Z (removing his Super Spy Ears): What's so funny?!? I couldn't hear you.