Monday, December 10, 2007

N's Birthday

N turned 2 last month. He picked out firetruck plates for his big day. In his words, they were "very cool". That's what happens when you're the youngest of 5. You use phrases at 2 like "very cool". The best part about his birthday was that he's too young to request going to Chuck E. Cheese. Well, as least that was the best part for Cr and me.

He enjoyed ripping into his presents. He's the first boy who has had a passion for tearing paper (and books-ack!). He was shocked when we encouraged him to rip the paper. I am afraid to wrap the Christmas presents and put them under the tree now, though.

He received a Magna Doodle of his very own, a rolling backpack, a toy vacuum and broom. He's growing up, and he's such a delight. His brothers dote on him and in return he cracks them up (unless he perceives their "doting" as "annoying" and then he just screams).


andie said...

LOL! When she saw the lighthouses at the Outer Banks this summer, Eleanor said, "Itsso AWESOME!"


andie said...

P.S. (where are my manners?!) Love the cake and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Kristine said...

Great looking cake! I guess after 5 kids, you've gotten the hang of it! (I say that because after my cake disaster when my dd was 1, it was ten years before I attempted to actually MAKE a bday cake again, lol!)