Thursday, November 30, 2006

Yeah, right.

Jacob (eyeing a glass of Diet Mt. Dew): Mommy?

Mommy: Yeah, Jake?

Jacob: Mommy, I just wanted to let you know I'm not thinking about drinking your juice.

Sure he's not. This is the same kid who has a habit of bringing me empty cups he finds. The only problem with this is that they are not normally empty when he finds them.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Feel like an early Christmas celebration?

Luke (to Craig): Dad, does anyone celebrate Christmas early?

Ezekiel (before Craig could answer): Yes. They do in Alaska and North Kentucky.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

It's been 10 days since I blogged because...

The boys have done nothing interesting or amusing. Yeah, right. Actually, the screen went out on my laptop so I've lost the convenience and portability that make blogging so...well....convenient. It's still not fixed, but I'm using Craig's laptop because....

Craig received a call this morning from a friend inviting Craig and "one of his offspring" to the Air Force/Notre Dame game this afternoon. Craig was going to take Ezekiel (because Ezekiel says his favorite game is football, Luke loves baseball), but after getting Ezekiel ready, Ezekiel realized this game would take until at least dinner time. He evidentially didn't feel like he could commit 6 hours of his life to a football game, so Luke got to go. This made Luke very happy and I hope they're having a great time.

My birthday was yesterday and after work Craig took the 4 older boys on a mystery mission, which I later found out was a trip to Target so each boy could pick a gift out for me. Micah chose a short pillar candle, Jacob chose a taller pillar candle, Ezekiel chose a set of pillar candles (can you tell I like candles?), and Luke chose a yellow bath towel. Craig later informed me that Luke scoured the entire store and when he saw this yellow bath towel it all came together in Luke's mind. After I opened the towel, Luke told me that he thought I needed a nice big towel to clean up their messes. Nicholas didn't go, but he somehow picked out a pair of very warm, very soft green socks for me. In addition, Craig remembered that I mentioned a few weeks ago that I'd like to have a Christmas wreath for the front door and surprised me with a beautiful wreath. Earlier in the day Craig and Jacob had decorated the dining area with yellow balloons, streamers, a bouquet of flowers, and a small indoor yellow rose plant.

Oh, Thomas II passed on to the great puddle in the sky on Thursday; it appears he died of natural causes. This was Jacob's birthday betta fish. You might notice that this was Thomas II. There was a Thomas I, but he didn't survive very long, although his life was, er, eventful. Here is his story:

We took Jacob on his birthday to pick out his fish, which he named Thomas after Thomas the Tank Engine. Thomas I was a beautiful fish. We left Thomas I in his original bowl floating in the top of the tank overnight. The next day I was in the school room teaching Luke and Ezekiel when Jacob came running downstairs telling me that Micah put Thomas I in the tank. I ran upstairs to find Micah sitting in the kitchen sink holding the empty bowl. My heart sank as I prepared to tell Jacob that Micah had just washed his fish down the drain, but thankfully I didn't have to because Micah had dumped Thomas I into the tank before he climbed into the sink. Whew.

I put Micah down for a nap, and put on a Leap Frog video for Jacob so I could finish some school with Luke & Ezekiel.  Of course, Jacob wanted Thomas I to watch the movie with him. I moved the fish tank (a small one gallon) over to the coffee table and left the two happily learning about the alphabet. Around 30 minutes later Jacob came downstairs and his pants were wet, and informed me that he'd "done something very bad". I quickly realized these two clues meant that something had happened to Thomas I. I ran upstairs to find Thomas I swimming in about 1 inch of water. Jacob then explained that Thomas I couldn't see the video, and in an attempt to move the tank he knocked it over, spilling almost all of the water and Thomas I. He demonstrated the pincer grasp he used to pick Thomas I up off the carpet and put him back in the tank.

The next day I found Micah on the counter again holding my cup. It was empty. I looked at Thomas I's tank, and the water looked to have a greenish tint. Micah had indeed emptied a full glass of Diet Mountain Dew into Thomas I's tank. I quickly commenced cleaning and arranging the tank for the 3rd time in as many days.

A week or so later I had the idea to take the boys on a picnic and to a park. While I was in the garage getting a cooler (I was out there for less than 5 minutes), Micah climbed on the counter (yes, again) and emptied an entire container of fish food into Thomas I's very small tank. There was approximately 1 inch of food covering the bottom of the tank. I didn't want to leave Thomas I in those conditions, but I didn't have the time to clean out the tank. I placed Thomas I in a tupperware bowl on the fireplace mantel, to which M complained, loudly, "But I can't reeeaaaachhh hiiiimm". Exactly the point, my boy. I was secretly proud I'd outwitted the 2 year old, if only temporarily.

We went on our picnic, and when we returned home Thomas I was lying on the living room carpet. Yes, he jumped out of the bowl on the fireplace mantel and landed on the living room carpet. I later read that Betta fish will do this if they are looking for clean water or if their tank changes. Personally, I think Thomas I was terrified of living another day in the same house as Micah.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Hmmm. Bet you thought this was going to be about one of the boys hurting themselves. That would be a good guess (if past performance is an indicator of future results and all). But, no. This post is about me.

In August, Jacob & I decided to join Luke & Ezekiel in Judo. Jacob had been wanting to start, and I thought it would be best if I was out there with him helping him (since he's only 4). Besides that, it looked like fun (I'm weird, I know). Sensei Matt likes to tell new people "Judo is a full contact a sport. It's not a matter of if you get hurt, but when and how bad" (make sure you say that in an ominous voice). He also likes to say "If you know how to fall correctly, you can get thrown on concrete and it won't hurt".

Monday night I was paired with Sensei for standing technique (this is where you and your opponent try to throw each other but don't do any pinning or mat work). Did I mention Sensei is over 6'? Let's just say I'm not that tall. He's at a slight advantage (especially since he's a 3rd degree blackbelt). So he decided to throw me (ever seen a cat play with a mouse before killing it?). I don't know what throw it was; all I know is that my feet were suddenly where my head once was.

And then it happened. I should have rolled. But I didn't roll. Instead I landed on my left shoulder. I heard a crunching sound. He asked if I was okay (the squeak that came from my mouth on impact must have clued him into the fact I was hurt). I wasn't sure, but was hopeful that it was just going to be a nasty bruise. He decided to show us some chokes, and when it came time to practice (on him) I realised I couldn't do it because I couldn't lift my arm. That's not a good sign.

I went to the doctor yesterday morning, and I've seperated my shoulder. I had x-rays taken on the chance I fractured something but don't have the results yet. I'm in a sling, grateful that it wasn't my neck or my right arm.

Ouch. And no, for those wondering, I didn't cry.