Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Updated School Room Pictures

Our school room is an L-shaped room. This is the view from the door. You can see a portion of my desk, my copier/scanner/printer, my treadmill, the guinea pig cage, and the couch. Above the treadmill is a wall pocket chart that I use for current memory work lists.

This is the view from the couch. Once again, my desk, the school supply/craft closet, and the school cabinet. That's the backside of my printer, and I keep our pencils and pencil sharpener there, along with a box of kleenex.

This is the view from the wall with the treadmill and my desk. Obviously, that's our work table and the whiteboard. This is where most of our work is done, though each boy now has a desk in their rooms and the older boys will sometimes take their work upstairs. Above the whiteboard, I've got maps and educational posters hung by clothespins on a thin rope, so it's easy to change them out. On one wall is the couch and a computer stand, on the other wall are the boys' crates and a stack of drawers. The larger drawer set is currently holding our Sonlight readers & read alouds, and smaller drawer set on the top holds crayons, colored pencils, and markers.

This is the school cabinet, and it contains all of our books for the current year, along with general reference books (Kingfisher encyclopedias, dictionary & thesaurus, etc.). On top are all of our math manipulatives.

This is inside the school supply/craft closet. All of the school books that are for another year are stored in here (loosely arranged by subject), along with extra supplies (paper, page protectors, etc.), my laminator, and paper cutter. The shelves are made from neat idea cubes. Eventually I'd like to install real shelves in here, but we've had these neat idea cubes for years (they were once used as a rabbit cage when we had 3 house rabbits) and they work well enough. There is another 3 drawer set in here that holds extra school supplies (pencils, glue, and other stuff I can't help but stock up on at the back to school sales). Tucked on one side is a bookshelf that holds paper left from when I had time to scrapbook (the rest of my craft/scrapbooking supplies are on the top shelf in this closet), and puzzles, catalogs, and a few educational toys for N & M.

This is the boys' computer table (though the desktop died recently, so it just holds their two laptops and gives me a place to put books when I'm teaching).

Each boy also has a crate. Last year they all had quite a few individual books, and these crates were used with hanging folders so they could easily transport their books. This year, though, most of their work is contained in their binders or they're sharing books, so I flipped the crates on their side so each boy has a place to store their few individual books and their binders. These also hold their Help! tags. Each boy has a laminated card that says "Help!" with a clip on it. When they have a question, instead of interrupting while I'm working with someone else, they are supposed to bring the tag and either clip it on me or place it on my desk, and when I have a minute I answer their question. They know to keep working on whatever they can until I am able to help them.