Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Quoteables: The First Half of April 2011

During family Bible study this morning, Cr asked "What kind of people do we find in a righteous nation?". After a pregnant pause, Z answered "Conservatives."

I opened the pantry door and found M rummaging around in the dark for a snack. He tool one look at me and said "What? I'm getting over my fear of the dark!".

"You know how that author said boys are naughty? That's offensive!" -M

‎"Hey Dad--How 'bout you play a round of Tanks [a WiiPlay game] to celebrate today. It only comes once a year." -Z

Decathlon: The art of decking a 10 year old boy -Z (during Logic)

"I just did the 'medium job' (that's pass gassing, Mom)." -M

L just walked through the living room flailing his arms. When I looked at him with an eyebrow raised, he told me "I'm just checking to see how hard I can hit a robber in the chin."

"Mom, next time I'm in the pantry with the lights out, can you just leave me in there, please?" -M

After Cr led the boys in some jumping jacks to wake them up before morning Bible Study, M fell face first on the couch and proclaimed "I'm certainly conscious now!".

I read the boys our poetry assignment for the day, and it ended with the poem "Robert of Lincoln" by William Cullen Bryant. When I finished Z exclaimed "Something is wrong with these people!".

Me: "M, can you do me a favor?"
M: "I can try."
Me: "Can you stay 7 forever?"
M: "I'm not sure I can......but I will always be your son."

L had a field trip at his enrichment program yesterday, and he bought an 8 pack of small coke bottles. He drank one, gave two to friends, and brought the remaining five bottles home so he and his brothers could have them today. They drank them at lunch. They aren't used to that much caffeine in the middle of the school day.
Me: "L, I hope you weren't this annoying yesterday at school after you drank a coke."
L (proudly): "Nope! I wasn't nearly this annoying."

J: "Mom, L said I'm ugly."
Me: "That's not true."
L: "Yeah, I know."
J: "I'm handsome. I'm a handsome prince."

M: "Mom, can you please get the next book on my school list so I can read it as soon as possible?"
Me: "I'm so glad you like to read the books, M."
M: "And I'm so thankful you give them to me."