Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Hmmm. Bet you thought this was going to be about one of the boys hurting themselves. That would be a good guess (if past performance is an indicator of future results and all). But, no. This post is about me.

In August, Jacob & I decided to join Luke & Ezekiel in Judo. Jacob had been wanting to start, and I thought it would be best if I was out there with him helping him (since he's only 4). Besides that, it looked like fun (I'm weird, I know). Sensei Matt likes to tell new people "Judo is a full contact a sport. It's not a matter of if you get hurt, but when and how bad" (make sure you say that in an ominous voice). He also likes to say "If you know how to fall correctly, you can get thrown on concrete and it won't hurt".

Monday night I was paired with Sensei for standing technique (this is where you and your opponent try to throw each other but don't do any pinning or mat work). Did I mention Sensei is over 6'? Let's just say I'm not that tall. He's at a slight advantage (especially since he's a 3rd degree blackbelt). So he decided to throw me (ever seen a cat play with a mouse before killing it?). I don't know what throw it was; all I know is that my feet were suddenly where my head once was.

And then it happened. I should have rolled. But I didn't roll. Instead I landed on my left shoulder. I heard a crunching sound. He asked if I was okay (the squeak that came from my mouth on impact must have clued him into the fact I was hurt). I wasn't sure, but was hopeful that it was just going to be a nasty bruise. He decided to show us some chokes, and when it came time to practice (on him) I realised I couldn't do it because I couldn't lift my arm. That's not a good sign.

I went to the doctor yesterday morning, and I've seperated my shoulder. I had x-rays taken on the chance I fractured something but don't have the results yet. I'm in a sling, grateful that it wasn't my neck or my right arm.

Ouch. And no, for those wondering, I didn't cry.


Momma B said...

Poor Co. So Cr gets to do all the diaper changing for a while, huh? Poor Cr.

Anonymous said...

What are you thinking!!! Your cousin J does this with his group and the leader uses him as a demonstration partner, not a good idea. He thinks it is great, but you know J. Be careful Mother of 5. Love Aunt C