Sunday, October 29, 2006

Presidents for Christmas?

Jacob: Mommy, will we get any presidents for Christmas?
Mommy: No, but you will get a present or two.
Jacob: So, we'll get presidents?
Mommy: No, but you'll get presents.
Jacob (getting distressed): Why won't we get any presidents for Christmas? We won't get any toys?
Mommy: Jacob, do you know who George W. Bush is?
Jacob: The president.
Mommy: Right. George Bush is the president. You'll get a gift or two for Christmas.
Jacob: What's a gift?
Mommy: A present.
Jacob: So George W. Bush is going to bring me a president for Christmas?
Mommy (sighing): No, I think he's busy. But you will get a president or two for Christmas.
Jacob (with a big smile): Okay, good.


Grandma B said...

Makes me want to give him a president.

Anonymous said...

Yep I agree with grandma b....I'd put a puzzle or book about Presidents under the tree for sure, lol. Of course, 2 months from now he'll have figured out the correct word and it will all be lost on him,....but you have your blog to keep record!

DanaBelle said...

Hey, Y'all! If J gets some presidents, we want some sent to us, too! (Won't the other boys be disappointed in just getting TOYS!)

andie said...

I knew I should have picked up that talking GWB doll marked down at the drugstore!