Friday, October 27, 2006

The Blizzard of 2006

That's what the newscasters and weathermen are calling the snowstorm we had yesterday. Of course, they were calling this snowstorm the blizzard of 2006 before it even started snowing. They were right (for once).

We ended up with 12 inches of snow at our home, with drifts higher than that. Our power went out for about 8 hours yesterday, and Craig came home from work early. The boys played in the blizzard for around 4 hours...sledding, building a fort, pelting each other with snowballs, and then they went out front so they could shovel the drive (for fun, might I add). We had the heat from our gas fireplace, so we were able to keep warm. Craig & I were able to sit on the couch (together, and without boys crawling on us) and read (for pleasure) without feeling the pressure of life calling us to do something else. It was peaceful and we were both disappointed when the power came back on and the whir of life started calling our names again.

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