Wednesday, December 05, 2007

What's That You Say?

Ugh. I've got so much to blog about (my birthday, N's birthday, Thanksgiving, etc) but by the time I have a moment to write I'm just too stinking tired.

The older boys have been playing with Super Spy Kits recently. These kits come with "Super Spy Ears", which are earbuds attached to some device that is supposed to amplify sound.

Cr was home for lunch today and we were in our bedroom talking. We kicked the boys out, but Z threatened to get on his Super Spy Ears. After we finished our conversation, Z pops his head around the corner and started laughing.

Z: I've got in my Super Spy Ears.
Mommy & Daddy: Z, leave the room.
Z (still has in his Super Spy Ears): What?
Mommy & Daddy: Z, leave the room. We're trying to talk.
Z (still wearing his Super Spy Ears): What?!?
Mommy & Daddy (laughing because he can't hear us with his Super Spy Ears in ): Z, leave!
Z (removing his Super Spy Ears): What's so funny?!? I couldn't hear you.

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Kristine said...

Mmm. Maybe I need to get some of these for MY kids!