Thursday, August 16, 2007


--Cr & I were sitting on the couch talking. M came up to us, very distressed and complaining about something. Before we could figure out what was wrong, J came running up and said:

"Oh, here's your toothbrush, M. I couldn't find mine, so I just used yours".


--At dinner the other night, Z was eating his fruit salad with his fingers. I told him to use his fork.

Z: "It doesn't work."
Mommy: "So get a spoon."
Z: "That won't work, either."
Mommy: "That's why you need to practice. You need to use your fork to eat your salad."
Z (very frustrated): "I've been practicing for 4 years! And it still doesn't work!".

--Cr had a talk with the older two boys about the birds and the bees. I wasn't home at the time, but Cr told me he'd had a talk with them. I asked him how the boys handled the information, and was told that at the end of the discussion L said, "Ok. But you know, we probably won't think about this a lot for awhile. We've got other things to think, games..."

--At the dinner table the other night I said "I need to blog that".

L: "What's a blog?
Daddy: "It's where Mommy posts all you boys' most embarrassing moments for the world to read".
(L looks at Z with his eyebrows raised, and they both start laughing)
L (looking serious): What is it really, Dad?

Heh, heh, heh.


Goodin said...

LOL! My friend, that is CLASSIC (no pun intended)!

Well, what they don't know, won't hurt them . . . yet. ;)

Don't worry, I promise to keep the blog secret (although they may wonder how I know much of what I know about your home life ~ they haven't questioned it yet).

andie said...


John once walked into my office and said, "Please don't put this on the blog, but..."

Poor kids.