Saturday, June 30, 2007

Our School Room

Every now and then on a homeschooling board I visit, someone asks to see pictures of other's school rooms. I finally took new pictures of our school room and thought posting an entry here would make it easy to share our room. It's nothing grand, but it works for us!

This is the view as you walk in the door. This couch used to be in our living room, but we moved it down here when we got new furniture upstairs. I'm looking forward to having a couch we can sit on without worrying about messing up the slipcover! Its matching loveseat is down the hall in the playroom.

This is the boys' work table, the whiteboard, and the boys' computer. I love the whiteboard, and could even use a bigger one at times. The posters are hung with clothespins on white nylon string that I ran through small screw eyelets. This allows me to change the posters out as needed.

This is a view from the whiteboard of my desk and our storage cabinet and shelf. Having a lockable storage cabinet for our texts has been a must for us. On my desk is my Brother DCP7020 copier/scanner/printer. I'm so happy that we bought this.

This shelf is new to the school room. It was in the playroom holding the animal cages, but now that we're down to one hamster cage I decided he'd be better of in the school room with us. It also provides a great place to store our art supplies, leap pads, and school room toys (fun, educational toys for the younger boys that are only allowed to be played with in the school room during school).

This is a picture of inside of the school cabinet. It holds all of our books and workbooks. On top are our everyday markers, crayons, and colored pencils. Down the hall is the playroom, so the little guys are still within earshot while I'm working with the older boys. The closet next to the cabinet holds all of my scrapbooking, crafting, sewing, and gift wrapping supplies. There is also another closet that runs under the stairs that serves as our "library".

With the ages of the boys, I find it easiest to have a room devoted to school. If we work at the kitchen table or patio, I tend to get distracted and lose boys (they finish what they're working on and wander off). But if we do want to work somewhere else, it's simple enough to carry our books to where we need them.


C said...

What a lovely room! I'm just a teeny bit envious. ;o) I linked your blog on mine--if you'd rather I not, just post a comment and I'll take it down. Your guys are a hoot! Thanks for sharing the link.


my5wolfcubs said...

Looks wonderful -- I wish I had a whiteboard! Are the walls Citrus Yellow, by chance? At our house "The Study" aka the guest bedroom where my girls have their desks looks exactly the same shade!

Kristine said...

It's so nice and bright! If I took a picture of our "school room," you'd be looking at my kitchen table, haha.

Great blog, Courtney!

TheTutor said...

What a great room! I love the idea of hanging posters on a "clothesline." I may have to steal that one. Thank you for charing your pics!

Richard said...
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Purpledaizy said...

Thank you so much for sharing your space with us. I'm setting up our room this weekend. I also appreciate seeing your lesson plans.