Friday, June 29, 2007

J's Fifth Birthday

Yesterday was J's 5th birthday. He's been counting down for around 49 days and was very excited that the day finally arrived. During his countdown he made sure that we would not be doing any school on his birthday. I made his cake in the morning (we saw this cake in Family Fun magazine, and while their example was green, J wanted a "sky blue dragon with red wings") and answered somewhere in the neighborhood of a thousand questions about when Daddy would be home, when he could open his presents, when we would eat the cake, etc. It was a long morning, and they ended up watching Pooh's Grand Adventure and some PBS (hey, as L pointed out, the PBS they watched was science).

Cr came home around 3:30 and we loaded the boys in the van to get McDonald's and go to the park for dinner (we were so thankful J came up with this option and ditched the "Chuck E. Cheese for dinner" idea). After we finished at the park, we came home and had cake and J opened his presents. He received a Superman figure, an Imaginext Dragon, a pirate sword, a red razor scooter, and a bike. We hid the bike on the side of the house and hung his helmet on it. After he opened his presents inside, we suggested he take his scooter out front to test ride it and told him we thought his helmet was on the side of the house. He was surprised when he saw a bike "just his size!". We stayed out front for a few hours and all the boys rode their bikes (or trike in M's case). It was a fun day, and J is happy to be 5.

For those wondering , N is kinda-sorta walking. Not exactly in a straight line, kind of sideways. But he's made additional progress which gives us hope that we might be able to cancel the appointment in August.


Goodin said...

Happy Birthday, Jacob!

Courtney, I am SO impressed. That is one fantastic-looking cake! Did it taste as good as it looks? With all of that icing, I'm supposing so. Well done, friend.

J-Lynn said...

Wow you are talented!!!!!!!! Happy birthday to your son.

Jenny in Ca said...

oh wow! You made the dragon cake!! I saw this in Family Fun magazine and I am planning on making it for my son, who is really into dragons right now. It looks great!

visiting from over at the wtm boards.

I like the schoolroom.

Kristine said...

Awesome cake!! I've successfully made a bowling cake from Family Fun!