Friday, March 02, 2007

Who's The Boss?

As L, Z, and I were driving home from Judo last night we ended up on the subject of what they might do when they grow up.

L: I like to build things and draw them, so I might be an architect.
Z: I know something else you're good at!
L & Mommy: What?
Z: Being bossy....I know! You can be the Bossman!

[laughing and talking]

Mommy: So what do you think you're good at, Z?
Z: I'm good at hanging like a bat. I've taught J and M to hang like a bat. I can give bat hanging lessons!

[more laughing and talking]

Z: I like to watch movies. And play video games! I can make video games!
L: OOoohh.....and you'll have to play them to see if they work!
Z: Alright!

[more conversation about how they'd both like to make movies]

Mommy: Maybe when you grow up you can work together and make movies. That'd be fun, huh?
Z: I know!!!! When I'm an engineer L can come boss me around!

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