Wednesday, February 28, 2007

PJ Day at The Academy

I declared today a pajama day here at the Academy. L and Z have done some math and handwriting, but they are still in their superhero pajamas. In between lessons at the kitchen table they've been under blankets on the couch. I originally was just going to call a pj day because of J, but here is a comprehensive list of their ailments:

L says that his nose and neck hurt. He's fighting what I think is a mild cold.

Z woke up this morning, ate breakfast, then told me that his tummy was hurting. I gave him a Tums and told him he could either go lay down in my bed or in the playroom (J was still sleeping on the fold-out couch in the living room). He went to my bed and slept for an hour.

J woke up crying (close to hysterical) last night that his head hurt and he was running a 103.3 fever. I ended up sleeping with him on the fold-out couch. He's got some serious green goop around his nose, but I'll spare you any more details.

Before I left for retreat this past Friday I thought M was getting the infection N had. Cr tells me the M spent Saturday coughing, crying because it hurt to cough, and crying. He had a bad cough when I came home on Sunday and Cr told me that he sounded much better. We thought he was continuing to improve, but he just came up to me crying, coughing and holding his hear saying that it hurts. I'm taking him in to the doctor this afternoon. I think J will tag along just to let the doctor get a quick glance in his ears.

However, N is doing better. He's been on an antibiotic for an ear infection for a week. He's back to eating, jabbering, and exploring.

It's snowing again. I'm looking forward to Spring and fresh, germ-free air!

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