Tuesday, March 06, 2007

He Made Me Cry

I came home from an errand and L brought me a card on a silver platter. I opened the card, and on the right side was an landscape drawing...green grass, blue sky, white clouds, and a yellow sun.

On the left side were these words:

Dear Mom

Thank you for make-
ing dinner for us.
Thank you for let-
ing us go to
fun places. Thank
you for takeing
carre of us when
we get sick.

L, Z, J, M, and N

He also drew a yellow (my favorite color) flower and cut it out for me.

I mentally ran through our morning after I read this lovely note. I'd spent the first part of the morning taking care of him...tucking him in in the loveseat, getting him medicine, and taking his temperature because he woke up with the ick we're slowly working through here. Once his medicine kicked in he disappeared to the playroom and I remembered that he came upstairs several times to ask how to spell words. Honestly, I was a bit short with him with my answers because I was busy getting lunch ready to take to a grieving friend and making a doctor appointment for J....but that didn't deter L and he didn't abort his plans to create this card for me.

What a sweet reminder of how blessed I am. *sniff, sniff*

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andie @ and the mama said...

Aww! What a kind boy.