Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Six Year Old Philosopher

L and Z have both requested a turn sleeping on the hide away bed in the living room with me. I'd slept on it with J and N while they were sick, and I guess it sounds like fun to little boys. Last night was Z's turn.

After Z and I were snuggled in bed, I had to get up for a few minutes. When I returned, we had this conversation:

Z: I'm glad you're back, Mom. I missed you. I'm glad you exist.
Mommy (smiling at the use of his word exist): I'm glad you exist, too.
Z: I'm glad I exist, and I'm glad you exist, and I'm glad Daddy exists. But sometimes when my brother jumps on me, I wish he didn't exist.
Mommy (fighting the urge to go into a lecture about how how blessed he is to have brothers, etc): Oh. But I think you'd miss him if he didn't exist.
Z: Well, in this world I would. But if there was another world over there, just like the world here, and we all existed there, but my brother didn't exist, I wouldn't miss him. Here when I know he exists I'd probably miss him if he didn't exist anymore, but in that world over there I wouldn't know to miss him because he never existed.

Ahem. I think he's created a parallel universe. I wonder what else goes on there.


DanaBelle said...

Do we really want to know what goes on in that universe?! This blog was totally laugh out loud!

Grandma B said...

Seems a little like Children of the Corn to me...that is if I didn't know the active fantasy life of Z, but just in case, tell L to watch out, or to quit jumping on his brother. You never know about those parallel worlds...

Uncle B said...

Wow. I like this kid.

I thought I was the only one that thought like that :-)

andie @ and the mama said...

LOL! I've had my own world for years, nothing wrong with it at all! ;)