Thursday, March 08, 2007

Three Weeks Ago Today

I posted about the Poor Baby. He'd gotten sick in the middle of the night. Well, after he laid around for almost all of 5 days, we took him to the doctor. He ended up on antibiotics for an ear infection, and seemed to be doing better.

The following weekend I attended a women's retreat with my church and I'm told M spent most of the time coughing and crying. He ended up on antibiotics last Wednesday for an ear infection.

That same day J was running a fever and having some serious nose goop. To which he added some serious eye goop. He ended up at the doctor on Tuesday. Antibiotic eye drops for him.

Tuesday L woke up with a fever and has developed congestion and a nasty cough.

Z has the beginnings of congestion, although he hasn't developed much beyond that yet.

Yesterday N's eyes started turning red and oozing goop. Antibiotic eye drops for him. He's also become more fussy in the last 24 hours. And he's got some serious green nose goop. I decided to look in his ears this morning (with our otoscope), and one is starting to turn red. I put some of the ear numbing drops in. I'm hoping the infection goes away without antibiotics, but I've got a suspicion he'll be going back to the doctor.

Then, just now, when M passed through the room, I looked at his eyes and they are turning red and starting to ooze some goop. Guess I'll have to line him up with J and N for the antibiotic eye drops.

Just to make all of this more fun, Cr and I both have the congestion, the sore throat, and the nasty cough.

I think we should become the world's first bubble family. Maybe we can sell tickets and people can come look at how healthy we are. Who needs human contact?

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DanaBelle said...

Remind us to visit in the summertime when you have fresh air flowing through the windows... Winter - nah... Come visit us. The weather is in the 70's and the kids are out back on the swing set/fort. That will get your kids well.