Friday, March 16, 2007

Everyone's (almost) Healthy (And Other Good News)!

I think we're getting better! Cr and I are both on antibiotics for sinus infections and are feeling better. The boys are no longer goopy. I think we might actually be able to resume our activities this week.

In other news, Cr has accepted a job locally. He interviewed in Utah earlier this week and it went really well, but he doesn't think they can offer him anywhere near what it would take to make moving worth our while. Now, should this happen, we'd have to look again at that job, but right now it looks like we're staying put.

It's time to find normal again, at least until Grandma and Grandpa B roll into town for the first week of April!

1 comment:

andie @ and the mama said...

So glad you're all recovered!

The job...what he wanted? Is he happy with it? Aside from just the relief and stress reduction by having it, of course. BTDT.