Friday, March 16, 2007

A First

Every day this week the phone has rung around 4 o'clock. I violated my normal policy of not answering the phone since Cr was out of town. Every day it was the same girl asking for Cr, and when I'd ask who was calling she'd say a company name that could've been legit. Since Cr has been job hunting, I didn't want to take any risks on messing up a potential job, so instead of telling her we weren't interested I kindly told her that it wasn't a good time, to which she replied that she'd call back.

Well, on Wednesday, it sounded like she asked for Gr, instead of Cr, which gave me reason to think it was actually some sort of telemarketer. Here's how our conversation went when she called back yesterday.

Caller: "Is Gr there?"
Co: "Who's calling?"
Caller: "This is [whatever her name was] with [company name]."
Co: "And what exactly does your company do?"
Caller: "Well, Gr helped us out with a survey a while ago, and I have a certificate available for him."
Co: "We're not interested. Please don't"
[she cuts me off before I can end the sentence with "call back"]
Caller: "Well actually, I didn't ask you. I'll call Gr back another time."

And SHE hung up on ME!

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andie @ and the mama said...

Oooooh. That's bad. Bad. Ooooh.