Friday, December 22, 2006

The Boys Think I'm Wonderful

A conversation from this morning:

Mommy: L & Z, finish up your school work and you are done with school until AFTER Christmas!

L & Z: Really?!?! Until after Christmas? We'll be on vacation? Alright!!!

I've not mentioned to them that other kids get 2+ weeks off of school. They don't need to know and you better not tell them.

We'll probably take most/all of next week off so I can plan and evaluate our progress, but I don't want to tell them lest they need some school-schedule structure to keep them out of trouble.

They're outside right now building a snowman with the snow left from "The Holiday Blizzard of '06".

Life is good. Merry Christmas!!

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DanaBelle said...

To whom should the checks be addressed for the Lucky III Memorial Fund?