Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I Think We're in the Clear

Nobody has been sick since Friday. As a matter of fact, we went to our Small Group Christmas party on Sunday night. The hosts? Our guests from Tuesday. They wanted to assign us seats and place a large bucket behind them. Also, during a brief recounting of events to the group the husband of the couple mentioned that he actually wasn't done eating when the vomiting began. And that he tried to figure out proper etiquette..."Do I keep eating? The food is great. I can't smell, it's not bothering me...would it be rude to finish?". I'm so glad they have a sense of humor.

In Judo News:

L tested and received his first stripe on his yellow belt last night. After three stripes you move up to your next belt color.

My shoulder is better and I'm back in class. Sensei says he'll test me for my yellow when classes resume after Christmas.

L & Z participated in a mock-tournament for white and yellow belts two weeks ago at the Olympic Training Center. L won his division and Z took third in his. Z won 1 match, and was 1 throw away from winning his other 2 matches. L also received a trophy from Sensei for "Most Improved Club Member". At the next class he pulled Z aside and told him he wished he had two trophies because he deserved it as much as L. J tried to participate, but started crying halfway into his first match (right after he was thrown). He did finish his match, though...tears and all. I'm proud of the fact he walked out onto the mat, alone, and tried in front of 200+ people. L received a gold medal and Z & J received bronze.

And finally:

We still haven't replaced Lucky III.

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