Monday, July 07, 2014

It Was a Happy 4th!

We had a lovely 4th of July.  We spent the day working together as a family, putting up the boys' new trampoline.  Our old one was 12ft and over the last couple of weeks the boys walked in with springs and the canvas strip that held them to the mat, so it was definitely time to replace it.  The one we got is 15ft, so there was more leveling of the ground that had to be done.

Once my part was finished, I was able to work a bit more on cleaning the school room up.  I finished last night (finally).   Over the last couple of weeks, I went through all the books, organized the shelves, cleaned up the closet, and cleaned out their binders.  Now I'm ready to start planning for the new year.

We grilled burgers for dinner, and then stopped and got ice cream and went to the parking lot of a nearby school where we were able to watch a handful of fireworks displays.  A very nice day.

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