Monday, June 02, 2014

Break Time?

Gosh, I'm really starting to wonder if we're not supposed to take a better break than I was planning. 

The boys recovered from strep, and Jacob starting feeling better from the possible mono.  I took them to an open gym at the place where they take gymnastics (since they missed their class for two weeks, they were able to do two hours as makeup), and while I was paying for Zeke's competitive classes for the summer, he evidently had a failed backflip and he landed on his hand.  He finally told me after 15 or so minutes, and I told him if it hurt bad enough to where he couldn't participate, he should ask his coach for ice. 

He never did, and worked on back whips for much of the rest of class.

Zeke's not a complainer.  He told Craig about what happened and Craig put a brace on his hand, just for stability.  Our thought was that he'd jammed it pretty good.  The next day, mid-afternoon, Zeke to the brace off and his hand was swollen.

We went to Urgent Care, where they confirmed a break.  She called it a transverse break and it runs the length of the bone. 

Of course, it's his left hand.  He's left-handed. 

Time to figure out another plan for Summer School.

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