Wednesday, February 26, 2014

State Champs!

Here's the announcement written by one of the teachers at the local high school where Luke was on the robotics team this year (edited a bit to remove some identifying information):

On Saturday, the First Tech Challenge (FTC) Freshman Robotics Team competed in the State Championship.  After finishing 11th out of 29 teams from around the state and the region, the team was invited to form an alliance for the Championship Rounds.  While our Team was instrumental in the alliance winning the Championship, FIRST rules are such that only the first two teams of the alliance move on to the Super Regional in order to qualify for Championship Tournament in Saint Louis.  Please congratulate this group of freshmen for their outstanding performance in bringing home our first FTC Championship Trophy to the high school.


What she doesn't point out is that this team of freshmen (so rookies) were competing against teams that have been in FTC before and have seniors on their team (so they're experienced).  Luke invested many, many, many, many hours into this endeavor (as did the other 13 students on the team), and it was so nice to have a reward at the end.

Yeah, I'm bragging ;).

Yeah, he's wearing a duct tape hat in team colors (peer pressure ;) ).

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