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Review: Because You Are Strong

Doorposts recently sent their new Bible study book Because You Are Strong:  A Study of Godly Strength for Young Men for review.  This softcover book is intended for young men, ages 10-12 and up.  In addition to the softcover version, is also available in PDF format. 

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Because You Are Strong is a Bible study that aims to teach young men what true, Godly, strength is and how to use that strength for God's glory.  Also incorporated in the study are Bible study skills that will serve any student of God's word throughout their life.  Your student will learn to use a concordance, study Greek & Hebrew words, do a character study, study a specific topic in the Bible, use the marginal notes in the Bible, study a verse/passage/chapter of the Bible, and learn how to use many of the free Bible study tools available online.

Because You Are Strong is broken down into 10 studies, plus a review at the end.  Each study is further broken down into 7 days (the final review is only 4 days long).  Each study uses a different study method:
  1. Strength for the Race:  Meditating on Hebrews 11-12
  2. Strength with No Limits:  A Topical Study on the Omnipotence of God
  3. Strength and Wisdom:  A Topical Study in Proverbs
  4. Strength and Temptation:  A Character Study of Samson
  5. Strength to be Valiant:  A Word Study on "Valor"
  6. Strength in Our Weakness:  A Verse Study on 2 Corinthians 12:9-10
  7. Strength in the Battle:  A Chapter Study of 1 Samuel 17
  8. Strength Serving Others:  A Study of Jesus' Actions in the Gospel of Mark
  9. Strength and Gray Heads:  A Verse Study of Proverbs 20:29
  10. Strength in the Faith:  A Book Study of 1 John
The questions are not light questions.  Your student will have to look things up, mark up the Bible, paraphrase passages, memorize Scripture, and take notes and draw charts.  They'll have to think about things:  How are young men strong?, Why did the people in Hebrews 11-12 do the things they did?, How is God calling you to be more like Him?, and more.  Critical thinking is definitely required for this study.

This isn't an easy study, but at the end your child will have learned a lot about Biblical strength and how to study the Bible.  There is a lot of writing and studying, but this is well worth it.  I think it's best suited for ages 12/13 and up--my younger boys would definitely be overwhelmed if I handed it to them.  If it's the first study of this type that your student has done, I would suggest working on it together (it would make a fabulous father/son study).  While Doorposts suggests the lessons take anywhere from 5-20 minutes, I found they took 20 or 30 minutes to complete.     

If Because You Are Strong piques your interest, check out a sample here.  Doorposts doesn't leave girls out; while the title of this book and the cover art are geared to males, there are alternate questions for Young Ladies in the back of the book for some of the questions (or there is a study for girls:  Beauty in the Heart).  Priced at $14 for the softcover version (or $10 for the PDF), this is a great study on strength, no matter the gender of your student(s).

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