Thursday, August 05, 2010

Catching Up (again)

Z: "There's an abundance of spiders in the basement this year."

The boys were outside, and there M started crying. J had pushed him, so Cr brought J inside, and we found out he pushed M because M had hit him with the bat.

Mom: "Did you hit J with the bat?"
M: "Not the metal one."
J: "And he was going to hit me with a stick."
Mom: "M?"
M: "But I didn't."
Mom: "Did you think better of it?"
M: "No..."

Z cut and bruised his lip, and it looked pretty ugly. I wasn't around when it happened.

Mom: "What were you doing when you hurt your lip?"
Z: "Tripping."

M discovered his first tooth was loose at the end of June. It was very, very loose. He was waiting very impatiently for it to come out. At one point he was madder than a wet hen about it, and proclaimed loudly to me "But I've been waiting for this my whole life!!!!". He pulled it out shortly thereafter.

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