Thursday, January 15, 2009

Nonsensical Question of the Day

Asked during a Math Assessment:

J: "Do I have to do the math part?"


Brian said...

Seems like a reasonable question to me, DUH.

Jenn said...


No dear, just the addition and subraction part.

TheRockerMom said...


So, did he have to do the math part?

AutumnFawn said...

Yea, you have a blog, too. I loved reading the first page. Will be back soon. I promised Shiloh I would take her out front to play. So awesome getting in touch again!!!

I guess you have more than, what did you say, 5 readers, now!?


Teacher of One said...

I don't care that you haven't posted since January! You crack me up.... or rather your boys. I've given you an award over at my site. Come and get it!