Friday, August 22, 2008

Just For Entertainment

We've been watching the Olympics. The first time the boys saw diving, J asked "Why are they jumping into the pool in their underwear?!?!"

We've had a virus running through the house. On Friday M told us he felt "2 inches better". On Sunday he told me he felt "3 inches better".


While at my parents' house, it looked like M cut his hair. When I asked him if he cut his hair, he said "It just fell off".


Also while at my parents' house:

Daddy (to N): "You're fancy. How'd you get so fancy?"
N: "Jesus."

These 2 are from December:

During a Preschool lesson:

Mommy: Okay, M, circle the picture that is the same.
M: Both of them?
Mommy: No, just the first one.
M: Doh!

While I was working on getting lessons ready today, J was being loud. I called him into the school room and told him to quiet down. "Yes ma'am," he said, and ran back down the hall to the playroom. I overheard him say to M "I can still play M! It's not time for my school. I was just being noxios (Mommy translation: Obnoxious)".

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