Monday, July 14, 2008

When Life Gives You Lemons

Two weeks ago we went to a buffet for dinner. The boys had coupons to get in free, thanks to the library summer reading program.

All of the sudden, M was overcome with a question. This boy is passionate, and the more passionate he is about what he's saying the louder he becomes. And the more repetative he becomes until he gets an answer or confirmation that he's been heard. And he still pronounces "L" as "W".

M (talking in a very loud voice): "Hey!! Does my Dad have a wot of women?!?!"

I was drinking water and was trying not to laugh so I couldn't swallow to answer his question. Cr couldn't understand what he was trying to say. So M repeated this question probably 10 times before I could answer that yes, indeed, his Dad had a lot of lemonade.


Jenn said...


I've got one with an "R" impediment. When he was little, he also couldn't do "L". Come to think of it, nothing quite came out right.

Our favorite was "chocolate milk". It sounded PLAIN AS DAY as if he was saying "Can I have some "g*d d*mn milk?" Being his favorite drink, eating out was always embarassing.

Kristine said...


I still remember my sister sitting on my dad's legs when she was little: "I wike youw haiwy wegs!"