Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Weapons, Revisted.

We're having a warm spell this week. The boys are out back participating Jedi training. I once again had to explain that we shouldn't actually hit our brothers with our lightsabers and plastic bats and whatever else we've turned into a weapon for this very serious training.

They cannot fathom my reasoning. Even after M, J, M, and then J came in crying after being swacked (the last time J came in he was holding his glasses frame and L was following him with the lens). L asked if I could think of a safe way for them to hit each other.

At least they haven't found the aluminum bat yet.


Anonymous said...

this post was a good LOL moment for me! Thanks!

Laura - Mom to 3+1 said...

Life with 5 boys would be a circus! Love your name! Thnks for stopping by my new blog earlier today and for pointing out my little typo :) LOL! You'd think I be better at multi-taking with 4 dc, hb, dog, 2 cats and 16 chickens!