Monday, June 11, 2007

We Have a New Addition

His name is Nemo. J talked me into another Betta fish when we went to Walmart Friday night.

Should we take bets on how long this one lives?


Mom B said...

Is there not another species of fish, other than the Japanese Fighting Fish, that you should look into bringing into the house of sudden know, something with a stronger maybe a whale?

I think that the boys have learned enough about the cycle of life. I fear that when my time comes y'all will try to flush me...or worse if my memory of the trash is correct...

Kristine said...

Hi!! This is Kristine from WTM!

We've had a couple of bettas last for several years. Don't feed them daily; every 2-3 days is plenty. We also put some sort of garbage/sucker fish in with ours. The bettas leave it alone.

My dd was so attached to her one that died in the winter that she froze it (in our kitchen freezer!), to bury in the spring. Three years later, she was still pulling it out of the freezer to show new friends. It was in a baggie. The tail finally broke off and we tossed it.