Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Drawing With Children

L has been bugging me to add a drawing class to our school day. Since I can never seem to find the time during the day, we decided to do it on Tuesday evenings as a family. I'm using the book Drawing with Children by Mona Brookes. Last night was our second session and we each drew a bird.

These are in age order (Cr, Co, L, Z, and J). I think they all turned out fairly well, considering this was our first attempt and we only had half dried up Crayola markers to color them in. We had a lot of fun (although I know for sure now that the boys get their inclination to be class clowns from their Daddy).

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Kristine said...

GREAT drawings! I remember this from when I checked out the library book. It was awesome, and I just ordered a used copy from a friend who sells used hs books! I'm excited that I'll be using this with my 8yods this year!