Friday, April 13, 2007

Mealtime Prayers

When it's time to pray for a meal, Cr will usually ask "Who wants to pray?". Anywhere from 1-4 boys will volunteer. Cr will then pick a boy to pray, or assign them an order in which to pray.

These prayers have a variety of the normal "thank you for my dad, mom, brothers, food, house, etc.", and they'll also sometimes include specific requests, if someone is sick or traveling.

Recently, though, they've started ending their prayers with a new request.

"Please help no one to get hurt tonight."

The nights we have Judo, I understand it. The nights when we're just spending a quiet evening at home it really makes me wonder what they have planned. Why would an evening at home cause a little boy to pray for safety? What exactly are they doing when they go play in their room?

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