Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Let Me Sleep On That

Yesterday was our first regular day back at school (we took last week off because of my parents' visit, which was wonderful). The first day back is usually trying, as we all try to get our bearings and re-adjust to the routine. Z was having the most difficult time; bouncing loudly off the walls with silliness and harassing his brothers. We had this conversation a bit after lunch time:

Mommy: Z, I'm really disappointed in your behavior today.
Z: Yeah, me too.
Mommy: So, what do you think we should do about it?
Z (after a long, thoughtful pause): I don't know. Maybe it'll be better when I wake up in the morning.

Oh, yeah. It was that kind of day.

**Update** Z woke up looking a bit less cantankerous. I asked him if we were going to have a good day, and told him he looked like he was ready to be obedient today. He replied: "I told you it'd be better after I slept".

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