Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Monkey Is Three

M turned 3 on Sunday. He was in denial, but will now proudly proclaim his threedom when asked. He's an interesting little boy. I've often described him as a chihuahua....you know, the dog breed that is the size of a coffee cup but thinks they're a pit bull?

As I walked downstairs Sunday morning, I heard his three older brothers singing him Happy Birthday. I entered the room to see M thoroughly enjoying this verbal display of affection from his brothers. However, instead of singing "dear M", L, Z, and J sung "dear Peanut". In a split second, M's expression changed from pure delight to extreme irritation and he rose up (in all his chihuahua-ness) and shoved his oldest brother as hard as he could in the chest while loudly proclaiming "I NOT the Peanut! I AM (insert first and middle name here)!!!".

This pretty much sums up how M approaches life. He's full of emotions and thoughts and he's not afraid to express them. He's a constant source of entertainment and joy (um, and frustration...although that part isn't as constant as it once was). He's an amazing little boy, and I only hope we're able to teach him to use his powers for good and not evil as he takes over the world.

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Anonymous said...

M and Leo must never, ever, ever meet.


A most respectful "Happy Birthday, Sir" to you, Mr. M. Lastname. Sir. :)