Monday, November 11, 2013


I just found this post from December, 2009.  Near as I can tell, I never published it.  I'm not sure which boy this was, but I'm guessing it was the older 2.

We had crockpot chicken and dumplings for dinner. Names have been left off to protect the parties involved, because they were serious.

Boy: "What kind of chicken is this?"
Another Boy (his serious response): "Roast Beef."
(Craig & I laugh)
Boy: "Mom, what kind of chicken is this?"
Mom: "What do you mean? It's chicken."
Boy: "I know. But what kind?"
Mom: "Cooked chicken."
Boy (becoming frustrated): "I know. What I mean is....what kind of meat is it?!?"
Mom: "Chicken."
Boy (exasperated): "Where did it come from?"
Mom: "It's chicken. From a chicken."

Now, I still don't know what the boy wanted to know. He gave up and gave his dinner dirty looks for the rest of meal time.

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Jenn H. said...

Bwhaha! Hilarious. I love your kids.