Saturday, October 12, 2013

A New Loop

Several years ago, I posted about a Loop schedule I was trying out (here and here).  It worked well for a season, but (like most things) it served its purpose and we moved on to another way of scheduling.

We're on day 42 of our school year, and I've yet to find a good teaching schedule.  I'm simply running around too much and we have too many irregular interruptions for me to get us into a good, scheduled groove.  I need to be home from 8-4 to teach everybody everything everyday.  I'm not sure that's happened more than a couple of times this year.

So I'm bringing the Loop back.

I'm a horrible Fly-By-the-Seat-of-My-Pants-er.  Oh, how I've tried to change this about myself, and I'm more flexible than I used to be.  But if I don't have a plan, I become overwhelmed and my brain shuts down.

So, here's my plan.  The boys do Bible everyday, and I'd like to do our Shared Learning everyday (a read aloud, sometimes a Teaching Company video, poetry memorization, etc.).  After that, I'll start with math with Luke, and move through each boy.  I'll move around the circle sequentially.  If I only make it through Latin with Jacob on Monday, then I will simply pick up with Latin with Micah on Tuesday and continue the circle.  The boys can do a lot independently for every subject, but having this structure will make sure nobody is totally going through a subject alone because I can touch base with everyone.  It will also keep me from just focusing on the subjects that are easiest for me to teach.  I figure this method can only help me at this point!

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Tonia said...

Your new loop looks good! We did a loop schedule one year - with only one student it wasn't really necessary but it helped me not to skip things! I hope that your new loop is successful.