Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Unlikely Science

Nick's hair is long (it's wavy/curly, so it appears a bit longer than shoulder length, but when you stretch the curls out it's not quite mid-back length).  We've been fighting a lot of tangles lately, and I asked for advice from some friends and one recommended the Wet Brush and a spray bottle of water with some conditioner added.

We tried it, and it worked great. The tangles are removed easily and there is no pulling or tugging to get them out.

But I didn't know it would turn into a science experiment.

Nick:  "Mom.  It took me 4 minutes 21 seconds to brush my hair this morning."
Me:  "You timed it?"
Nick:  "Yes, I did.  And tomorrow I'm going to use the blue comb and water and time it to see how much faster this way is."

I'm resisting the urge to have him make a graph.

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Beth said...

Oh, come one! Graphs are fun! I bet he'd love it.