Saturday, October 06, 2012

Week 5 in Review

We got a lot accomplished on Monday, even though Luke slept late because he wasn't feeling well and even though I ended up at the doctor for a sinus infection.

Tuesday was kind of a bust.  I had a nagging headache and sore throat all day, Jacob spent the morning in bed not feeling well and Micah slept late.  I did some Kinderbach lessons with Nicholas, and sent them outside to clean up the yard so I could mow it for (hopefully) the last time this season.

The headache and sore throat continued, and Wednesday wasn't great.  Oh, who am I kidding?!  Thursday wasn't great, either, and we ended up doing most of our work on Friday and Saturday.

We did accomplish some things, though, so here they are:

Luke & Ezekiel (8th & 7th):
  • Finished Lesson 2 in Elementary Greek 2, and started Lesson 3
  • Did Exercises 15-18 in Henle Latin
  • Read 4 chapters in The Ancient Near Eastern World and completed the study sheets.  The lessons were on Hammurabi and Mesopotamia.
  • Rewrote The Stag and His Reflection, and began the process of rewriting a fable of their choice.  I'm not even sure what they chose.
  • Took the Lesson 6 test in Rod & Staff's Spelling 6.
  • Reviewed the chapter 1 of Rod & Staff's English 7 and took a test.  
  • Finished reading Gilgamesh.  We still need to discuss it.
  • Watched session 1 of Teaching the Classics.
  • Completed Lessons 7 and 8, Lab 4, and Quiz 2 in The Rainbow science.
  • Luke finished Chapters 4-5 in Painless Algebra, and Ezekiel took a test and finished Lesson 41 in Saxon 8/7.

Jacob (5th):
  • Finished Chapter 2 and started Chapter 3 in Latin for Children A.
  • Read Chapters 7 and 8 in Shadow Hawk, and chapters 10-13 in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.
  • Sort of started Classical Writing Aesop B.  
  • Completed Lessons 6 and 7 in Rod & Staff's English 5.
  • Spent time on the Math Blaster app, did fact practice sheets for multiplication and division, and worked on flashcards.
  • Completed Chapters 4-6 in Life of Fred Farming.
  • Worked on Math Mammoth's Introduction to Fractions and Place Value 3.
  • Completed Lessons 9 and 10 in Rod and Staff's Arithmetic 5.
  • Finished Lesson 3 in Rod & Staff's Spelling 5 and took the test.

Micah (3rd):
  • Did 3 Callirobics lessons.
  • Finished week 6 in Writing with Ease 2.
  • Completed Lessons 9-12 in Rod & Staff's English 3.  He's doing really well with the diagramming (he had to diagram sentences with an understood you this week), and doesn't really complain about writing when he's diagramming.
  • Read The Whipping Boy and chapters 10-13 in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.  We did the comprehension questions from Veritas Press' Narnia Comprehension Guide orally with Jacob.
  • Finished Lesson 3 and took the test in Rod & Staff's Spelling 3 and begane Lesson 4.
  • Spent time on the Math Blaster app and with flashcards.
  • Finished Kumon's Dollars and Cents workbook and happily threw it away.
  • Completed Chapters 4-7 in Life of Fred Apples.
  • Completed lessons 56 and 57 in Saxon 3 Math.

Nicholas (1st):
  • Completed week 4 in Kinderbach.
  • Did 3 Callirobics lessons.
  • Completed Week 3 in Writing with Ease 1 and started Week 4.
  • Read The Cat in the Hat.
  • Read out of Phonics Pathways and Reading Pyramid.
  • Finished Explode the Code 3 and threw it away.
  • Finished Kumon' Easy Telling Time and threw it away.
  • Did some Miquon Orange pages and spent time on the Math Blaster App and with flashcards.
  • Completed Lessons 10-11 in Saxon 2.
  • Began Primary Arts of Language Reading and Primary Arts of Language Writing.

Jacob, Micah, and Nicholas:
  • Completed 3 more lesson in Dayspring's The Pilgrims Story.
  • Completed lessons 16-18 in Veritas Press' Self-Paced Old Testament and Ancient Egypt online course.
  • Completed the "Descendents of Noah" map from Map Trek.

There was also Judo, gymnastics, piano, and their enrichment program during the week.

My stack of papers to check is about 3 feet high.


MissMOE said...

Sounds like you did get a lot done in three days. Hope you the kids are feeling better soon.

Susie said...

Wow. Sounds like a fantastic week.

My name is Tiffany said...

You accomplished alot even with illness. This is our first year using Rod and Staff English, spelling and phonics. I really like it.

LaughingLioness said...

You packed a LOT in ! HOpe you are feeling better soon ; )

Karen said...

You do a lot even when you're down. :) I hope you're feeling better. Leaves are one of my favorite things about autumn so I refuse to rake them. I leave them there all fall because I love to crunch through them on the way to my truck.

Julie Holmansky said...

You got a lot done anyway. Feel better soon!

Silver Moon said...

You accomplished a lot, in spite of life getting in the way. :) Good job, momma.