Saturday, January 07, 2012

School Room Redo

Shortly before we began our school year, I realized that the room we've been using for school was designed 6 years ago when I had only 2 official students in early elementary (I've got links to two sets previous setups in the sidebar). I'd made minor changes as boys were added to our school, but we had really outgrown the community table, and I didn't have nearly enough bookshelves.  I added the single bookshelf before the school year started, then the individual desks and chairs for my birthday.  For Christmas, I received money I put towards the two bookshelves behind my desk.  I moved the table we had been using to the playroom, and I moved the full size couch to the playroom and moved the loveseat from the playroom into the school room. The room is so much more functional now, and we all are enjoying the new space.

This is from my desk, looking toward the door.   The closet to the right of the bookcase  holds books for another year and crafting supplies.  The door to the left leads to the playroom & stairs.  The door on the other wall is a closet that we've turned into a library.  The loveseat for reading, and my treadmill.

This is taken standing by the closet.  I'd like to paint my desk black--maybe this summer.  I'd also like to repaint the room green.  The stools in front of my desk are for when I'm teaching the boys one on one (or one on two).

This is taken from the treadmill.  Each boy now has his own desk and chair.

This is inside the cabinet by the whiteboard.  It holds the boys' daily binders and the textbooks they use daily.

The computer cart.

From the whiteboard.


Brother B said...

You always did like redecorating rooms!

Sara @ Embracing Destiny said...

Wow! This looks great. I wish we had a school room, but we're making do with a school "corner." LOL

I'm your newest follower from the TOS Crew.