Thursday, March 11, 2010


The four older boys have joined a Public Speaking chapter. It's a Christian organization. They are supposed to write persuasive speeches this time. M still has to write his, and I decided to try and help him come up with a topic.

Mom: "M, what do you want to convince people they need to do?"
M: "I don't know."
Mom: "What's your favorite thing to do?"
M: "Drink."
Mom: "Drink?"
M: "Yes. I want to convince people to drink."

I decided to try again later.


M: "Mom?"
Mom: "What?"
M (proudly): "Did you know that sometimes I can sit still for a whole 2 minutes?"

(I think this is a gross over-estimation on his part)

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TheRockerMom said...

Thanks for the early morning chuckle.