Thursday, October 22, 2009

Reign of Terror

M & N have been slowly slipping into habits of disobedience because I've been ignoring small infringments and not dealing with things as I should. They are under a "Reign of Terror" this week. This basically means that all disobedience is dealt with immediately--no matter how small. We've had to do this periodically with all the boys, and the scary sounding name is from when L was little and we had to crack down on him, but I cannot remember exactly why we call it that. Regardless, the over-the-top name serves as a good reminder to both the boys and myself that we can't be lazy and that we have to do what is right.

M came up to me this morning and said:

"Mommy, I've been working really hard this week to keep that disobedience away from me."

And you know what? He has. He's trying hard to obey and have self-control (and for anyone who knows M knows how hard this is). This week has been much more peaceful and enjoyable for all of us. It's funny how doing the hard things makes life so much easier.

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