Wednesday, October 08, 2008


The boys have a snack at 3:00 everyday. It's predictable, it's about halfway between lunch and dinner, it works well with our activities. It keeps them from asking for food all day long.

M (at 2:40): "Can we have snack?"
Mommy: "In twenty minutes."
M: "Oh. How about 3 minutes..."
Mommy (interrupting him): "No, at 3:00"
M: "...uh, 2 minutes, because then it would be zero minutes faster and I'm hungry and I don't like twenty minutes and I don't want to wait and it's not fair."

I had to laugh at his reasoning. Being four must be fun. He actually thought that might persuade me.


Anonymous said...

Their reasoning of time is so funny at this age. We tell our son at bedtime that we will set the timer for 15 minutes and then it's bedtime. He sticks his stubby little finger up at us and with the most serious face says, "No, 8 minutes." Um, okay.

Anonymous said...

Haha being four does sound fun! Kids say the funniest things! Our snack time is at 3:00 also and the kids are watching the clock all afternoon.