Friday, October 03, 2008

The Baby Is Getting Smart

N saw an old picture of L, Z, J, & M.

N (excitedly): "Hey! There's my guys! (tone switches from excited to confuzzled) Hey!! Where's N?!?!?"


N really likes chocolate milk. I indulge him and put just a pinch of chocolate milk mix in his milk. Sometimes the pinch is actually just a granule or two of the mix. This worked well for the past year or so, ever since he started asking for chocolate milk. He's started to catch on, though, and this scenario is starting to become more common.

N: "Chocolate milk, Mom."
Mommy: pours milk
N: "No shake, Mom."
Mommy: puts a pinch of chocolate milk mix in the milk
N: "No shake, Mom. Thanks, Mom."

Then he holds his cup up over his head and looks quizzically up through the bottom of the cup. If he can see the chocolate milk mix sinking to the bottom (he can't see the chocolate sinking if I shake it) he gives me a grin. If not, he furrows his brow and walks off.

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