Thursday, July 24, 2008

J's 6th Birthday

J turned 6 at the end of June. He requested a Kung Fu Panda Bear theme (he refused to leave the "bear" off the end). To celebrate his day he decided to take us all to the theater to see Kung Fu Panda which was a really cute movie that we all enjoyed.

He requested a Slip N Slide and a Water Sprinkler for his birthday. He received both, but it was too cold to use them on his birthday. It was cloudy, somewhat rainy, and the high was only in the 60s.

He also received a Kung Fu Panda bear stuffed animal and book, a gamecube Hobbit game, a watering can, a watch and a rebound net for baseball.

For his birthday breakfast he picked overnight apple french toast, he enjoyed his chicken nuggets from McDonald's for lunch, and for dinner he requested grilled hamburgers.

I look forward to watching him spread his wings more this year (even though he's growing up way too fast). He's such a sweet, funny little boy.

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Kristine said...

Happy belated bday, J! Awesome cake, you are very talented!