Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Life After Vacation

We're back from vacation. We spent last week in Wisconsin with Cr's parents and siblings and their families (there were 28 of us total). We rented some cabins on a lake to help celebrate Cr's parents' anniversary. It was a good time, even though the weather was cool and damp with an insane amount of mosquitoes and ticks. The boys got to fish (didn't catch anything), go out in a canoe, reconnect with cousins, toast marshmallows over the campfire, and Z ate 32 cookies over the 5 days. He's the only one that counted, but his brothers couldn't have been that far behind. Add to that the cases of soda they drank and I figure they'll finally crash after the sugar high sometime this week.

I really need to update our curriculum on the sidebar. I think I've got it all picked out for the 08/09 school year, and much of it is here. Cr will be giving L his state required standardized test next week and we'll start back up after that's out of the way. Our new year doesn't officially begin until August 1st, but we're going to get a head start on the new books. I also need to spend some time really training M & N (and reminding J) how to behave during school hours, so I'll use this summer to work on their behavior.

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