Monday, April 14, 2008

Parental Disclaimer

We were able to purchase a Wii (for those of you who have never heard it said, it's pronounced "we") several weeks ago. We have really enjoyed playing it together.

M has a blast with it. However, he calls it "the weed". So if a very excitable little boy ever comes up to you asking you if you want to "do the weed", or proclaiming with passion that his Mommy and Daddy "do the weed" every night, or that he himself loves "the weed", before you call the authorities to report that he and his family are into illegal drugs, find out if he's talking about the new video game system.


Tonia said...

LOL! Too funny! My dd is outgrowing all of the cute *mispronounciations* but it is so cute when the have their own words for things!

Urban Mom said...

OH, that's funny! Shared it with DH, who also had a laugh. Too cute!

Jenn said...


My boys are saving their pennies for this game. Just 5 more