Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Use the Force

Mommy: M, why are you going upstairs? L is still sleeping.
M (holding a toy Darth Vader): I need to get a guy with a blue lightsaber. I need Wuke Kywalker.
Mommy (thinking if I can get M to say Luke Skywalker correctly we won't have to go to speech therapy in the future): Who?
M: Wuke Kywalker.
Mommy: No, I think you need L-L-L-L-Luke S-S-S-S-Skywalker.
M (using extreme concentration): Yeah, L-L-Wuke S-S-S-S-kywalker.
Mommy (happy that he at least said "S"): Ok, just be quiet so you don't wake up L.

M goes upstairs, comes back after about 10 minutes looking sad.

Mommy: What's wrong?
M (smiling proudly at the effort he's about to exert) : I can't find S-S-S-Wuke.

*sigh* At least he tried.


Tonia said...

Too funny! We still have issues with the /L/ sound as well. They'll get it eventually!

Urban Mom said...

Same here. C is 4.5, and I occasionally have to remind her, "use your L's." Cute story!

Kristine said...

Seriously, if you are looking for a good speech therapist (imo, anyway), let me know, and I can send you the name of the woman who helped us. She was hs friendly, her prices were reasonable, and she encouraged me to sit with her and my ds so I could teach him at home.

Rom828 at embarqmail dot com
(That's a Q in embarqmail)

Jenn said...

LOL - My 8 year old (now in speech therapy *big grin*) used to struggle with his L's when he was little. We worked and worked and WORKED on that L sound, singing many a Sesame Street song...."LaLaLaLa Lightbulb, LaLaLaLa Lampost...."

After working so hard one day, and getting the sound out several times, he felt superior enough to correct his older brother:

"It's not wemonade, Ethan! It's WEMonade!"

L sound was eventually discovered. Now we're working on "r's".